Papaya Diaries is an online interior boutique with a unique collection of natural, organic, cotton fabrics. Our products are handmade in Africa according to traditional production techniques and in harmony with nature.

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Furaha symbolizes joy. A state of being that enjoys the little things in life. A stranger’s smile. Homemade croissants. Early morning sunrises. The laughter shared with friends. Your favorite song. The sound of the ocean.

The Furaha fabric is handmade in Africa. You may find imperfections in the weaving or designs, which make the product unique.


Bogolan mud cloth


200 x 130 cm



Made of

100% organic cotton, dyed naturally with fermented mud. Handmade and created in full harmony with nature, according to traditional techniques.

Made by

Young artisans from Mali who are educated about life and provided with a decent income.

Delivery time

1 week